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May 18

MIPS/MACRA Tips for 2017!

As with Meaningful Use, the earlier your practice starts participating in MIPS, the better the outcome will be in terms of future penalty avoidance and Medicare fee increases.
Although 2017 is a reduced reporting “transition” year, it’s a great time to choose a few of the new patient care protocols that will soon be essential for MIPS participation and incorporate them into your workflow.

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May 2

Succession Planning

After years, or decades, of carefully building a Nephrology practice, most physicians want to be just as intentional about what will happen to their practice and your patients when it’s time to retire. Early retirement planning and open communication can help you find a buyer for your practice, ease your transition to retirement, ensure your practice thrives and still provide effective care for your patients.

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April 20


A great article providing tips on “practice onboarding” for smooth integration of a small practice into a larger practice. Written by Bob Florio, Controller & Director of Finance for NANI, the article “Practice Acquisitions

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jAn 28

ICD-10 for Optimists

With a new, clean calendar comes the intimidating task of preparing your practice, your providers and your billing staff for the advent of ICD-10 coding. October 1st, 2015 may be an imposing, if not frightening, deadline for practice managers concerned about their Medicare payments.

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jun 27

Practice Acquisitions: What You Need to Know to Grow

A great article providing tips on “practice onboarding” for smooth integration of a small practice into a larger practice.

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junly 27

Meaningful Use: Avoid Audit Panic

Spending two weeks preparing for an EHR Meaningful Use audit may not be one of your top goals for this quarter. In fact, it’s almost certainly something you don’t have time for. After all, you’re in Healthcare to help patients and they are your top priority.

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August 1

MACRA and MIPS Changes Summarized

The MACRA Division The new 962 page rule can certainly not be summarized very well, but I would like to highlight some key points that will be useful to Providers.

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Sept 2

Now is the Time to Prepare Your Practice for MACRA

Sandeep Bajaj, Meaningful Use Coordinator with Tower Physicians Solutions recently discussed in an interview what nephrology doctors need to know about MACRA. CMS released its long-awaited for new value-based payment programs under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA).

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Oct 1

Outsourcing Your Medical Practice Management

According to the American College of Physicians, approximately 20 percent of new physicians create their own practice. While autonomy is one of the main benefits of a solo practice, it can be difficult for a small provider to shoulder the financial demands necessary to succeed with smaller budgets and fewer resources.

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Nov 5

Small Changes in ICD-10 Coding is a Big Deal for Practices

Once again, October 1st was the BIG DAY. Medicare’s one year ICD-10 grace period ended October 1st of this year, a year after ICD-10 coding requirements were turned on. That year wasn’t so tough, was it?

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