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Read reviews and comments from physicians, practice managers and our Tower Specialists about the services we offer.

Navigating Complex Nephrology Practice Issues-
Tower Practice Solutions helped me in a complex Nephrology practice issue involving strategic consulting for Nephrology Practice. Brian and Antone were of immense help during entire process.
- Ramesh Challamuthu, MD
Gadsden, Alabama

Achieve Work-Life Balane
As a physician, I know how important it is to have your work-life balance… you should look into Tower Physician Solutions, a subsidiary of Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois (NANI).
-Wadah Atassi, MD
Chicago, Illinois

A Team of Nephrology Business Professionals Ready to Assist You-
As a large organization, Tower has the resources to employ specialists in fields like billing, accounting, credentialing and human resources.

We Will Analyze Your Medial Practice Revenue Cycle
We strive to understand your practice during the introductory phase which includes an in-depth analysis of the practices current billing operations. -Michelle Saez, Revenue Cycle Management Manager

Helping Your Practice Prepare for MACRA is What We Do
We work with nephrology physicians to help outline a strategy for tackling MACRA by focusing on measures that your practice performs well on. Sandeep Bajaj, Meaningful Use Coordinator

We Will Develop a Plan Based on Your Business
Our accounting services are tailored to the individual needs of your nephrology practice. Our program can be as extensive as total office management or tailored to your individual practice needs. Emily Frederick, Director of Marketing
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